San Jose,CA 95117, United States

Information About Lessons

I welcome new students or continuing students. I teach lessons in person in San Jose, CA (95117 zipcode) or via Skype. Regardless of the student’s skill level or age, music teaches lifelong skills. Lessons are excellent in conjunction with group classes or alone. I teach students from age 5 through adult. I am patient and kind in guiding the student toward success. I teach private lessons, not group lessons. While I do not have students recitals, I will help students prepare for orchestra auditions. While I enjoy teaching all ages, I am particularly fond of helping adult students. I believe that it is never too late to start making music a part of your life. Yes, you can start an instrument at any age.

My teaching style is supportive and patient. Everyone can learn an instrument and there is always a different way to explain a difficult concept. Lessons are based on Suzuki materials, but very custom based on the student. Near the end of book one students can start to help pick music that they are insterested in for a supplement.


Lessons Include

Suzuki and/or traditional materials - I usually start beginners using the Suzuki materials but start integrating other music that interests the student as soon as the student is capable. This is usually toward the end of Suzuki book one.

Music theory - I start with the basics of music reading and musical terms. Once these are mastered I introduce more traditional concepts such as intervals and chords

Help with music from school or community groups

Sight reading



Professional free-lancer and symphony sub, BA in music, 15+ years teaching music, high school music coach, middle school music aide and coach, and 25 years of orchestral experience


Studio Policies

I love teaching, but this is my business too. I find that it is better if my studio policies are upfront and transparent. You might be surprised at the things that can happen and come up in teaching lessons. These kinds of problems made the detailed written policy necessary. They go against my friendly nature, but seem to be a need when dealing with a variety of people. I take payments via Venmo, cash or check.