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Favorite Websites

These are my favorite, and most useful, locations for obtaining string related items. The big mail order houses can offer much better prices and generally have items in stock. This means getting more for your money in relationn to instruments. Local shops can provide general music items and violin specific items that require personal interaction.

Shar Music

The largest mail order company catering specifically to string players. The have a huge selection of supplies and music. They have many levels of instrument choices in all sizes, for both rental and purchase. For all purchases they have a trade up policy that is generous. They are in Ann Arbor, MI./p>

Southwest Strings

Another large mail order company catering to strings. They have a large selection of instruments and supplies, and a middle sized selection of sheet music. They are in Phoenix, AZ. Orders generally arrive within a few days by standard shipping.

Johnson Strings

A third option for mail order with a very helpful customer service. They have some supplies that the other two do not. They are in Massachusetts.

Sheet Music Plus

The biggest supplier of sheet music for all instruments. Low flat rate shipping. Shipping can sometimes take multiple weeks; read the online notes carefully. Please order using the above link. It will not change the price you get, but it can help me.

Lemur Music

Lemur Music specializes in things specifically for bass. If you are looking for something specific to bass that can not be found elsewhere I would expect they would have it.


Amazon has a wonderful selection of music in the more common editions. Prices are competative, but better prices can often be found at the other sellers. They do not carry less common pieces of music. They also carry many of the standard string accessories. This is not a good source for instruments. Many are not a good value or good quality.