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General Information

If you wouldn’t go there then your instrument shouldn’t!

As the temperature rise outside we need to be aware of where are leaving our instruments. They are sensitive to heat. Car interiors are the biggest offenders. So what can happen? I have learned most of these from personal experience, thankfully most of them years ago.


It melts. It will harden again and still be usable, but the resulting shape may be very odd. This is a before and after of rosin left out on a day no hotter than 80 degrees. Imagine a hotter day and/or in a car.

  • The softened rosin can run inside of the case and damage it.
  • The rosin on the bow will also melt and ruin the hair. It will harden on the hair and make a slick mess on the bow. The only complete solution is to have the bow rehaired. This costs $30-$50.

Your Instrument

  • The pegs will slip and the instrument end up out of tune. Annoying, but not severe.
  • The varnish on the instrument easily softens. One person that I read about ended up with a nice red fur coat on the back of the violin. To be clear this was the velvet from the inside of the case. Their case was red velvet inside. The only solution was refinishing the violin.
  • I have had the varnish on violin bubble from the heat. Once again refinishing is the only restorative solution. Here is a picture to show that. See the little bubbles. They get worse as they go under the chin rest. The only solution is refinishing.
  • The hide glue that holds the violin together can also soften. Seams can open up. This would require a violin maker to soften the glue again and clamp the parts back together. It is a special kind of glue that holds the instruments together so they can be opened easily for maintenance.

What is the solution? Plan ahead. Stop by home to get the instrument when you need it, take it into work, or take it with you when you get out of the car. My instrument comes into the store often. Just a get a shopping cart and push it through the store. It looks funny, but your investment is safe.

Reserved for the future.